09th-11th September 2021

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Greetings from Mayo College Girls’ School!

It is with great pleasure and privilege that I invite you to the 9th edition and 1st online version of the MCGSMUN.

Since its inception in 2012, the MCGSMUN has striven to be revolutionary, evolving each year to blossom into an event where young minds deliberate, negotiate and innovate.

With each passing day, a tiny but substantial sense of humanity and empathy fades away from our global community. We are so embroiled in conflict and catastrophe that we have become apathetic to these hostilities. We may debate on these problems in our classrooms but as soon as we return home, our minds return to a state of ignorance. We continue to thrive in our seats of privilege in times when it is necessary to help those in need.

It is time we stop seeing these complications as chapters in our textbooks and begin to recognize them as something that we must actively work towards resolving.

Therefore, our aim at this conference is to help you realize that your voice is powerful. Powerful enough to right the countless wrongs that we humans have created for ourselves. Our planet needs to heal so that it can nurture all of us. We must take a firm stance and lead this process so that our future is bright, and not bleak and dim like so many have predicted. A change can begin with the smallest of steps, but it will go a long way.

Therefore, I promise each and every one of you, kindness and awareness will help us survive in this crumbling society. Now is the time for us to come together so that we may solve the plethora of problems that plague our society and finally live in harmony.

Last but not least, I would like to promise you that although we will be seeing each other as little icons on our screens this year, we shall try our best to uphold the values of MCGSMUN and ensure that each delegate’s experience is as memorable as it would have been if the event was happening on campus.

With regards,

Triloka Shah

Secretary General

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Dear Delegates and Faculty Advisors,

The world's a stage and we are all characters that are not playing our part. As humans, we have the ability to improve the world, but instead we choose to make it worse. We are so blessed to have a voice that can make a difference, but we abuse it by using it to hurt and disappoint others.

I started participating in Model UN conferences to use this very voice to make a difference. I thought that if I could change even one mindset, I would have helped the world become better in my own capacity, but I eventually lost that vision and set before myself a goal to win every argument. I am just one in a million who lost their path. Every element of life has become about winning, regardless of how or what the consequences are. We disguise conquests in the form of cooperation. Terms such as “Unilateralism” seem to have taken over the world. There is destruction everywhere and we seem to sit back and watch. Every country wants to be at the top or wants to be a superpower and therefore does not care what happens unless it has a purpose for them.

Diplomats from different countries have a platform to change the world but see it shatter instead. We seem far from healing. The world is at the risk of destruction.

What it truly takes for our community to change is unity. It takes an effort that includes every global citizen. We are the upcoming generation who have a responsibility to the future of the global community, yet take the opportunities of meeting and debating at conferences for granted. We wonder how we could possibly make a difference as students and that is when we lose the essence of healing the world in the first place. We can make a difference at the smallest level and that is exactly where we should start. If we start changing the mindset of our generation, we can hope for a better world in the future. The conundrum we face today is the lack of interest towards being solution oriented individuals and that is exactly what we need to develop.

It is this reason why we chose to make MCGSMUN more solution oriented and not just profit oriented this year. We expect to see delegates actually discussing viable and realistic solutions that can help the world and urge them to put forth ideas that may be unconventional and can positively impact our planet. It is time we truly “cure this conundrum” that we have created for ourselves and take one step at a time to change this world. We must initiate, debate and deliberate.

With regards,

Laila Banerjee

Deputy-Secretary General

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Dear Delegates and Faculty Advisors,

We all consider ourselves to be modern and developed in every context. If that statement holds true then why do we live in a constant state of turmoil where a woman in Afghanistan has to fight for something as essential as a right to Education, where every person of color is incriminated without a shred of evidence, where an entire race is looked down upon due to the spread of a virus for which no one could be blamed?

Is this the world we want to grow up in?

We all wish for the system to change but do nothing when a woman is publicly abused by 400 men in the pride of Pakistan, we do nothing when a Dalit is brutally killed in public, we always do nothing. We want someone to be at the wheel, but never want to be the one at the wheel. The fire of compassion in our hearts is dying and is leaving the fallen embers to fend for itself.

Humanity and Empathy are what turn a human being into a person. When we wish for the society to change, the change will not happen by putting up support stories on our social media profiles. You will witness change only when you don’t consider every person who wears a hijab to automatically be a terrorist, only when you will stop considering every person of African American descent to be a gangster. The world is you and me, and we are who can change the world.

As Director General- Delegate Affairs and Logistics, I hope that the conference makes you aware about the problems of the world and the solutions to it. Our voice is our most powerful weapon against destruction and therefore, in the 9th edition of the Mayo College Girls School Model United Nation, use your voice and “be the change you wish to see in the world”, cure this conundrum, use that last log of wood in your hand and rise like a phoenix from the ashes, the rest will soon follow.

With regards,

Pooja Airy

Director General- Delegate Affairs and Logistics

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Dear delegates and faculty advisors,

When democracy is threatened, the only way forward is to hold onto our shared values.” Over the years we humans have evolved but we still lack humanity and empathy towards each other. We live in a world where faith is faint and sustained by few, where exploitation is sky high and barbarity conquers generosity. Countries have been fighting over lands, people have been fighting over religion, several wars have been fought, numerous treaties breached and the world is paralysed with grief. There is no tolerance and respect towards other and we as responsible citizens have abandoned our fundamental duties. We sit by as silent spectators watching the world crumble before our eyes.

We leave no stone unturned to condemn the authorities when we ourselves are unwilling to make the slightest effort to bring a change. It is only when we eliminate inequality, discrimination and address pertinent issues like poverty and world hunger that we can liberate the world from the shackles that hold us down. For too long we have been robbed of our right to voice our opinions, but the time is ticking and truth needs to be unveiled. This time, we refuse to let our voices be muffled in the din of roaring chaos.

On this note we cordially invite you all to the first online edition of MCGSMUN where we hope to have fruitful and interesting debates along with practical solutions. We are here to remind you that wars can be won with non violence by having a constructive approach and commitment to progress together towards growth and development of our world. We would make every effort to “Cure the Conundrum '' and expect all of you to hold onto hope, have faith and use your voices for what is right.

With best regards,

Payal Mahana

Director-General for Information Technology

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Dear Delegates and Faculty Advisors,

We live in a constant world of turmoil: a mass migration of more than 900,000 people escaping from genocide; a tribal rights activist being termed as a terrorist; a country that is drowning and burning at the same time, and a girl who died in Rana Plaza whose oppression we wear in the form of clothes from Mango and Primark. We live in a world immersed in a constant conundrum, where blatant injustice is called out through protests in the name of equality by people who are being termed as insurgents.

It has been 30 years since the start of the first gulf war, 75 years since the dropping of the first deployed atomic bomb, and 100 years of the Chauri-Chaura incident, yet the streets that have turned into a sea of righteousness in Myanmar, the dissenting graffiti on the walls, and the 80-year-old princess who sits along the banks of the Yamuna are only reminders of the empty justice and candied promises that are reflected in the words spoken by the bearers of authority.

Then why is the only action that most of us take limited to a #blackoutfriday and the reposting of an Al Jazeera article?

This year, the MCGSMUN conference aims to incite hope and ignite passion- the passion to create solutions, and the passion to actively work towards change. The strife that we see today is brought about by words and opinions, and the solutions that we seek lie in the power of our voices. They lie in the essays we write on censorship for a blog post, and the support we give to our LGBTQIA+ cousin. They lie in the breaking of invisible borders that society is compressed into and the desire to strive for peace.

We look forward to seeing each one of you from the 9th-11th of September and break the bars of prejudice, helping us to cure the conundrum that we are in the midst of today.

With warm regards,

Ishita Vaid

Director-General for Research and Crisis

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The modern world is confronting a health crisis unparalleled in its scope and severity. A crisis unheard and unimagined in a time where humanity seems to have conquered almost everything, where technology and science has reached its zenith and holidaying on the moon no longer seems illusionary. It is as if nothing, almost nothing, is beyond the reach of humankind. Yet countries all over the world are helpless and at the mercy of a pandemic and the conundrum it has created.

COVID-19 is one of the worst threats the world has ever faced, but is the medical sector the only arena that is supposed to fight for the cure? The medical cure we all await is relentlessly pursued by scientists but the question here is – that what are we doing as global leaders and citizens to cure and heal the despair, despondency, and anguish that an average person is facing because of this health crisis? Unemployment, bereavement, lack of medical facilities, lack of education for poor children, isolation, mental health, and the list of the obstacles are endless.

Amidst the confusion and anxiety, we are looking for potent signs and indication of hope. We are looking for solidarity among citizens of the world, that desire among the world leaders to hold and uplift the countries in the spirit of goodwill and comradeship.

It is this spirit of global togetherness that will give us hope. In this time of crisis, we are all together in the world, and ‘curing’ really is to find that will, to heal with compassion and contributing our bit to it. Thankfully, this shared sense of responsibility is what brings all of us together in this conference, that we host every year in MCGSMUN. We look forward to seeing you all there, celebrating all your differences and in solidarity. To a great time ahead!

With regards,

Rashmi Thakur

MCGSMUN Coordinator

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Syeda Asia has worked for education policy implementation under Gandhi Fellowship in rural Rajasthan. She has done her Bachelors and Masters in Sociology from Lady Shri Ram College and Delhi School of Economics respectively. Having a bent of mind towards development and public administration, she has been involved with United Nations on multiple projects related to health, sanitation and minority affairs since 2013. Syeda has trained 10000+ students all across India in multiple skill-sets. She has participated in Model United Nations Conferences throughout her school and college, including international conferences such as Harvard MUN, Boston, United States of America.