20th-23rd April 2018


"The great gift of human beings is that we have the power of empathy."

- Meryl Streep

While discussing agendas that affect the world so adversely, as a delegate, the most important quality we are required to possess is empathy, and that is a quality that we commonly lack when we engage in issues without on-ground experience.

The chief purpose of a Model United Nations conference is the stimulation of new ideas and thoughts, understanding of foreign policy, devising solutions for ongoing problems and spreading awareness about the various kinds of conflicts and issues in the world. Most of the students are not representatives of the communities they speak for, and there is a good chance that the conclusions that they reach are flawed and impractical, due to their lack of actual field exposure. Therefore, after a lot of brain-storming and discussion, we concluded that it is only real life exposure to an issue that can raise empathy in a person. Only when they see, will they be able to feel.

To take this vision of sensitivity and empathy forward, we, at MCGSMUN have envisioned a campaign which will not only help break the walls of stereotypical thinking in villages, but also expose a large group of delegates to the realities of rural India. An opportunity like this would not only be an eye opening experience for the delegates but also help make a small change in the lives of rural Indians. With this noble vision in mind, we hope that every delegate is geared up to experience learning differently at MCGSMUN 2018.

Guidelines for Research for the Rural Campaign