Dear Delegates and Faculty Advisors,
In a global show of respect, iconic monuments from almost every corner of the world,Burj Khalifa of Dubai,London Tower bridge,Opera House in Australia and also the Chhatatrapati Shivaji Terminus of Mumbai were all lit in blue,white and red colours of French flag to show solidarity with the French capital and unity against terrorism and to pay homage to the victims of the Paris attacks. When the entire world was shattered by fear,disgust and pain,hope of peace prevailed.

Today, this world requires Shammi Haque and Ananya Azad like Bangladeshi outspoken, rationalist bloggers who did not get discouraged by the sacrifice of Avijit Roy Niloy Neel and many other bloggers for free thinking but have written vociferously against intolerance and religious fundamentalism.

This world requires many more Aung San Sui Kyi who are willing to struggle tirelessly for decades to bring Myanmar into a new dawn of democracy. This world requires more Binod Chaudhary, the noodle king to Nepal who alone has got built 1,700 shelters for people whose homes were destroyed by earthquake.
An ignited mind is the most powerful resource on the Earth as rightly pointed by our late President APJ Abdul Kalam. David Attenborough, the legendary broadcaster known for his close interaction and encounters with wild life across the globe believes' the seeds of damage that have already been planted will lead to destruction of the natural world within a generation. We have planted seeds of damage for the future- but the youth of today provides hope for salvation.....We can't turn the clock back. I wish we could. The best we can do is slow down the damage'.

When today Justice,freedom,fair play,honesty,liberty and equality seem to be mere words let us all unite to ignite the spirit of tolerance, transperancy, goodwill,compassion and commit ourselves with conviction as the Rigveda guides us- ' Assemble,speak with each other let your minds be united through mutual knowledge.... May the aim of peace be common and the thoughts united....'.

We at MCGSMUN strongly believe in what Ban Ki Moon believes in' Young people can mobilize the world. They can lead us to a better future'.


Dear Delegates and Faculty Advisors,

On behalf of the Mayo fraternity, it is my esteemed privilege and honour to welcome you all to the fifth annual session of the Mayo College Girls' School Model United Nations Conference from the 14th to the 17th April 2016.

In this very moment when hundreds of hearts stop beating and thousands of lungs learn to breathe, I would want you to pause this whole world and zoom in. Zoom in on that moment which epitomizes everything God could have feared. That moment when a man harms another man. And this moment, not just symbolizes our depreciation but highlights the fact that mankind has lost one of its unique qualities- Unity.

This year, MCGSMUN promises each delegate an eclectic and comprehensive mixture of agendas that plight an unprecedented and learning experience for all. We have selected a range of committees that will generate invigorating debate and deliberate over issues that have torn the world apart. From the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Organisation, Historic Security Council, International Court of Justice, Food and Agriculture Organisation to the World Bank Summit and High Commission on Refugees. In addition to this, we also have the Lok Sabha and the Intelligence Agencies Meet to discuss and ponder over issues plaguing humanity.

The conference offers an opportunity to the young generation to ignite the flame of unity in each one of us and to rekindle the spirit of fairplay and justice which seem to be absent in this shattered world.

So let's meet this April with new found sense of equality and humanity as we Unite to Ignite.


"We've all got both light and dark inside of us, what matters is the part we choose to act on, that's who we really are. "- Sirius Black (Harry Potter)

Dear Delegates and Faculty Advisors,

Genocide, infanticide, honour killings plague the world today. We have a Rwanda longing to move beyond the ashes of its past, we have Bolivia and Brazil where an under aged child sells drugs which could unknowingly snatch his childhood from him, we have Sharia in Islamic countries which snatches away literally the right to live from a woman making her a mere commodity as compared to her male counterpart, but then again we have people who portray them as minor glitches in world history. These people might not necessarily be evil of sorts, they knowingly or unknowingly chose for the darkness inside them to prevail over the light.

So let's not let the darkness prevail, let's not give up on this diverse yet magnificent world we live in, let us get together at this year's MCGSMUN to take initiative to change not the world but the thought process behind it the minds of the people, let us get together and put our genius to work so that future generations won't look back at us with disgrace, let us" UNITE TO IGNITE" young minds towards a justifiable world.

Thus, we throw open the gates of our school to you, the architects of tomorrow not just for an intellectually stimulating conference but also to take back memories that would stay with you a lifetime.
Hoping to see you this April!